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In the very heart of Belgrade, in 16 Paris Street, the Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches “Akademija“ has been functioning as an organisational unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts for a decade and half now.

The Centre for Graphic Arts, which was founded in 1995, is the first and the only highly professional institution of its kind in Serbia. Since it focuses on the preservation of graphic arts through its programs and diverse, complex activities, the Centre takes part in the development of graphic arts and shows what graphic arts represent today.

Not giving up its original mission to popularise this art medium and to preserve originality of prints, the Centre promotes the highest artistic and cultural values. It also supports high creative achievements, researches and experiments on the domestic and international art scenes in keeping with the spirit and need of the times.

In the Centre, which covers the area of 500m2 and consists of graphic arts workshop, gallery and sale space, offices and additional facilities, very dynamic publishing, exhibition and sale activities intertwine with programs of lectures, seminars and demonstrations.

Publishing - specialised in editions of different renowned artists’ prints - takes place in well-equipped workshops where master printers apply all the traditional graphic art techniques: lithography, serigraphy, screen-printing, linocut etc. Carried out in small print runs, and affordable in terms of price, these graphics are available to all of those who love and appreciate graphic arts. Thanks to a team of professionals, graphic artists – print masters, and high standards in terms of printmaking, the Centre has become very quickly an important gathering place of artists who are interested in graphic arts. It has also provided some fundamental prerequisites for affirmation of innovative graphic art creations and initiation of a collection of graphic art creations by artists of all generations.








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